Therapy Horse Classes 


  A and B Ranch not only provides therapy visits we also desire to help others start their own miniature horse therapy programs. Below we have several program options that will assist you in getting started. 


These programs are designed to provide the skills and insights needed to develop a relationship with your horse that is balanced, satisfying and fulfilling. You will receive instructions that will give you the knowledge to experience safe outings at various venues within your community. Participants can choose which option for training best fits them.



Our fun and relaxed small-group workshops accommodate all skill levels. We teach ground manners with problem solving required for successful therapy work in the community.

Using step by step foundational tasks that build on each other, we foster a safe relationship and connection with your horse that creates confidence and brings you to ever higher levels of competency.


2023 Workshop dates

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Here are some short videos from students and their experience participating in our workshops.


Online Foundational Video School

There are two ways to participate in this video school via ZOOM:  1) Class format or 2) At your own pace format.  The content is the same and covers the foundational skills necessary for safe and effective therapy.  There is a set curriculum divided into Part A and Part B.  You must pass all skills in Part A before moving on to Part B.  When both parts are passed you will receive a Certificate of Achievement with all your test grades.

NOTE: If you would like to know more before purchasing equipment or enrolling, contact Bonnie and she will set you up observe a ZOOM online class or answer questions. 

Class Format

This format has a pre-determined start and finish date and there must be at least four students enrolled to begin.  There is also an option to set up your own group of four people and decide upon the class dates (if instructor can accommodate).  Advantages include review of student videos, an opportunity to ask questions, discuss challenges, troubleshoot and learn from each other! 

Level 1 Part A is a 9-week session and Level 1 Part B is an 8-week session. Once all tasks in Part A receive a passing score you are eligible to enroll in Part B.

Each class meets weekly for one-hour.  Students are given two weeks to complete the assigned skills and then submit a video to be reviewed and scored.   A “teaching” class is alternated with two weeks of “video review/discussion” classes throughout the session.  There is an objective-scoring criteria for each task with a range from 1 to 10 (7 + is passing). 

At Your Pace Format

This format is individualized and the student has up to six months to complete the tasks in Level 1 Part A.  Once all tasks receive a passing grade the student may move on to Level 1 Part B, if desired (also has up to six months to complete). The advantage of this format is one can tailor the pace fast or slow and be flexible to the circumstances of life. The same content and scoring criteria are used. 

Once enrolled, the student has access to the “training videos”.  Each video shows the instructor explaining and demonstrating the skill to be learned.  The curriculum is designed so that Part A has a total of nine skills with three sessions and Part B has eight skills with four sessions.  The student demonstrates the session skills and submits the video for review and scoring. 

After the student submits a video, the instructor will set up a mutually agreed upon time to discuss and grade. If a skill is not passed, the student will include it in subsequent videos.  The instructor can be contacted between sessions with questions, to discuss challenges or to clarify tasks.

Requirements for School Participation

The student must purchase the recommended rope halter, lead and guiding stick.  A video will be sent that describes equipment and where to purchase. 

If you are Interested in joining us for on online training class please contact us for pricing and more information. or 507-356-8517

Private Lessons With Your Own Horse


 We also offer private lessons to assist you in your therapy horse journey. With the foundational training steps to reach success.

Send us an email for pricing on our private lessons!