My Journey

My Journey

My journey into the community and Hospice service with my miniature therapy horses started actually the day I bought my first miniature horse in 2011. I had experience in owning the big horses and did the big journey in learning and training my own horses. I was very content in what I was doing.

Sometimes there are dreams inside of you that you are unaware of, nor why you like the things you do. You think you know how to direct your path by all the training you do in your life and find out later it was all a plan of God preparing to touch a group of people with his Love. Little did I know that the miniature horses where going to be a big part of my later life when I was extremely attracted by a beautiful buckskin stallion standing at 32.5 inches tall.

Billy The Kid was his name and his big brown eyes and pleasant personality captured my heart. He was for sale and I bought him and brought him home.

I began to train him and found him to be extremely intelligent. I just loved being with him. He was just like a dog. I dressed him in costumes and people got such a joy with him I decided to bring him to a nursing home in Pine Island. Billy and I dressed in a pumpkin outfit as it was the middle of October and there were over 30 residents that came to see this miniature horse. They all got such a kick out of him with his cute tricks and adorable personality. I saw how their eyes lighten up and the atmosphere of depression disappeared and filled in with laughter and joy. I knew then I had a purpose with these little miniature horses. My mother passed away in 2002 with lung cancer. We had no more hope with the doctors, but found Season Hospice compassion, kind and helpful with pain management. Mom spent her last 4 days at the season hospice house and I can’t ever repay the thoughtfulness and kindness we received there. Such a peace in that house gave you the assurance in the transition my mom was making from earth to heaven.

My Journey 2

It didn’t take me long to realize God’s plan and purpose was to bring these little creatures of Joy of healing to His people.

My goal is to share this gift of medicine of joy and Peace through these little miniature horses. They help mend broken and lonely hearts, and give kisses of comfort, and a smile of Joy.