These programs are designed to provide you with skills and insights to develop a relationship with your horse that is balanced, satisfying and fulfilling. You will receive instructions that will give you the knowledge and “know how” to experience safe outing in various venues within your community. Participants have the opportunity to choose which option for training best fits them and their horse.

12 Week Miniature Therapy Training

 In this program the horse will stay on the farm the entire 12 weeks and will be trained by me. Once a week the handler will come in for a one-hour session to be trained and coached by me to work with the horse’s natural instincts to achieve balance and connection. If you live too far to come for weekly sessions, arrangements can be made to come for two 4-hour sessions and a 3-hour session the day you pick up your horse. Which will give you 11 hours of hands training as it is designed in the 12-week program. In addition, your horse will be working with me 5 days a week while here.


The tasks in this program will teach you the basic commands and behaviors that will create a solid foundation. Once the building of the basics is complete, we begin to learn to offer stimuli of outside activities to be a part of the community visits. We walk downtown, approach curbs, steps, elevators. As opportunities arise, your horse will be exposed to handling the pressure of crowds by participating in parades, fairs, outside ice cream socials and parks. Once that has been completed, we take our first therapy visit in a facility.


In addition to therapy training, you also will receive instructions on all the preparation of feeding, health, bathing, grooming, fencing, and potty training. As well as, what and where to get your equipment for handling, therapy shoes, vests, insurance, and all the things you need to have to start a safe therapy visit and much more.


At the completion of the 12 weeks sessions you will receive a Certificate of Achievement. This certificate will detail all the tasks you and your horse have successfully demonstrated to be safe and competent.

Private lessons with your own horse.

Another option for horses and handlers is to sign up for private lesson. Depending on the skill level of the handler and the level of training the horse is at, it can take longer to connect and to advance in training. Completing homework tasks and lessons is essential to reach a level of competency in order to safely go out into the community. When you return for another lesson you show me what you did with the tasks, I gave you to do. I will work with you and your horse at the lesson and polish things up for you to understand so you can move on to the next task of the basics. If you have not passed the task to move forward, we will go over the task to get more clarification for you to go home to practice. It is very tempting to skip over steps and move on before the horse is ready. This can actually sour the horse to not want to learn and he may begin to brace against you. This can be very frustrating for both horse and handler and is a setback to the relationship and to be able to go out into the community.

In the private lessons you can move at your own speed and understanding. I send you home with homework and after you practice you come in with another lesson for me to evaluate. During that lesson I will either correct what you are doing wrong and help with your horse to be moving in the right direction. Once that is completed, we move on to the next task.

Video Coaching

You can also send me a 3-5-minute video of you training your horse for me to look at and advise. This can make it easier between lessons. Especially, if you live far away. This video lesson can help you if you are having difficulty in making that connection with your horse in a specific task. I will look at the video and contact you how you can fix this problem. I charge $10.00 for video coaching


1 and 2-day workshop    9am – 3p.m

The workshops focus on understanding the horse’s natural behavior and improving the relationship between horses and handlers. Each workshop provides information on elements of therapy and therapy equipment. Although training element are the same, instructions may vary between basic and advanced based on each handler and horse level of understanding. All levels may be participating in workshops. Various topics will be addressed and instructions will be tailored to the needs and current level of connection demonstrated by each handler and horse. Whenever workshops are offered a schedule will be provided to ensure participants are aware of topics to be covered. Regardless of horse and handler experience and level of connection, improvement can always be made and realized.  In addition to increasing your enjoyment with your horse, these workshops are designed to increase the skill and ability to communicate with and control your horse. Before going out into the community, it is essential that horse and handler are able to demonstrate a high level of competency in an array of skills and tasks in a variety of environments.  People who come will be at different levels but each of you will learn from each other through the pitfalls we get into and how to correct it.

There will be a generous amount of time to answer question and concerns throughout the day.