My Journey

First of all, I never thought I would downsize to miniature horses. I have always been a big horse person and at the time I was very content in training my horses and giving lessons to riders looking for a better connection with their horses. It just never occurred to me how much miniature horses were capable of or that I should even consider owning one until April 2011 when I was bit by the miniature horse bug.

Every year at the end of April, Minnesota horse enthusiasts gather at the state fair grounds for the Minnesota Horse Expo. It is a great event that kicks off the summer and allows people the gather tack and supplies for the upcoming show and recreation season. I was walking through the most popular area, the horse barns, where many generous horse owners take the time to bring and show their unique breed and promote their business. It is always fun to meet people and learn new things about different breeds, the atmosphere is rather exciting. I happened to start down the miniature horse area and was casually peaking into the stalls and admiring the small horses when I stopped dead in my tracks. There stood a handsome, little buckskin stallion. His name was Billy The Kid. His big brown eyes and pleasant personality captured my heart. I had no intention of buying a horse, much less a miniature horse, but it just so happened that he was for sale and within a matter of minutes I had bought him and was ready to bring him home.

After getting him home I was reminded of the fact that I was not equipped for a miniature horse, so my fencing and tack had to be updated and downsized. As I began to train him and found him to be extremely intelligent and I just loved to be with him. He was easy to work with and I had fun finding new things that I could train him to do like giving kisses or training him to drive. I started to dress him in costumes for holidays and when I saw the joy that it brought other people I felt like God was calling me to share this joy with the people around me by taking Billy to people in the community. As I was looking for places to take him I was reminded of the kindness that was show to my family by Season Hospice.

My Journey 2

You see my mother passed away in 2002 with lung cancer. She was not doing well, and the doctors gave us no more hope for healing, during this time we found Season Hospice and with their care and compassion they helped make the last 4 days of my mother’s life here on earth less painful.  I can’t ever repay them for the thoughtfulness and kindness we received. There was such a peace in that house gave you the assurance in the transition my mom was making from earth to heaven. So, in the middle of October, Billy and I dressed up in our pumpkin outfit (pictured above) and visited over 30 residents in the Pine Island nursing home. They all got such a kick out of his cute tricks and adorable personality. I saw how their eyes lit up and the atmosphere changed from quiet and depression to laughter and joy. At that moment I knew that this is where God wanted me to be and that I was starting a new chapter in my life with Him leading the way. I had a purpose with these little miniature horses and I couldn’t wait to see the doors that he would open as a result of this new path.  

My goal is to share these miniature horses, that God has blessed me with, to those around me. That they can bring people laughter, joy, and the ability to see Christ more clearly through His creation. That the doors that are opened to us are but another opportunity to share the hope and peace that we find in Christ to those around us.