Maple Hollows Irish Cream (Pearl)

Perlino Mare ♥ Foaled 4/14/2011 ♥ Height 29.5 inches ♥ AMHA/AMHR


Pearl is the third and smallest miniature horse to reside here at A and B Ranch. While she might be small in stature, she is large at heart and continues to amaze us with her sweet and gentle personality. She has participated in countless therapy visits, shows, and has had two incredible foals.


Pearl visiting a nursing home


Pearl has done therapy for:

Pearl visiting a resident

  • Nursing Homes 
  • Community Events
  • Hospice visits
  • Senior citizen housing
  • Schools
  • Parades
  • Fairs
  • Puts on Miniature Horse Fashion shows (Where we dress up the miniatures for fun!)
  • Competes and interacts with people at miniature horse shows
  • Gives saddle rides
  • Is learning how to drive (Pull a cart)


Pearl visiting people at a fair


Pearl visiting a nursing home


















Pearl has been trained in round penning, ground work, and jumping. She is also learning some trick training and how to ground drive.

People love her small appearance and her big heart.






This is a video of Pearl on her way to do therapy work during the winter.