About Us

Miniature Horse Therapy Program

“Reaching the Community with Mini Blessings”




Who are we:

We are a small hobby farm located in Pine Island, Minnesota, (roughly 30 minutes from Rochester Minnesota) that trains, breeds, and reaches our community with miniature horse therapy. 




 What is “Miniature Horse Therapy?: 

Therapy is defined as, “Treatment intended to relieve or heal a disorder.” While we cannot heal people, we can provide relief from the stresses of life, and bless people with smiles, laughter, and comfort. We also want to invite people to know the love of Christ who is the Ultimate Healer. 



What we do:

There are many ways in which miniature horse therapy can be done!

  • Visiting local nursing homes or hospice houses
  • Visiting assisted living homes
  • Visiting hospitals
  • Participating in parades
  • Putting on fashion shows (miniature horses are extremely fun to dress up!)
  • Attending local horse shows and interacting with the crowd
  • Visiting schools
  • Hosting farm visits (we allow groups of people to come and enjoy our horses at our farm)
  • Putting on demonstrations
  • Walking around fairs interacting with people
  • Ringing bells in front of stores during the holidays

The list could go on forever!



Our Mission:

We desire to reach our community with God’s love through the joy, comfort, and interaction brought by miniature horses. 


Our Vision:

Our desire is to help others start their own therapy programs so that more people can enjoy these special horses and lives can be encouraged. 


 Our Values:

We value God and what he does through this ministry. We also value the gifts and talents that God has blessed our volunteers with as well as the people who we have the honor of visiting.